Not a lot here, huh? I'm getting to it I promise!
In the meantime please try shooting me an email, or check my CV or github.

  • Guild Wars 2
    project info:
    • customized Wordpress theme allowing complete control over all content
    • international retailer list using URL hash and JS for direct linking to region/format
    • localized in five languages
  • WildStar Online
    project info:
    • created modules based on Nicole Sullivan's OOCSS
    • flexible width of elements to accomodate localization into four resions
    • incorporated social feeds on blog
  • City of Heroes
    project info:
    • used LESS to manage styles for individual components and colors
    • oversaw and executed transfer from MT4 to MT5
    • reskined site for Freedom launch
  • Catherine Bacque
    project info:
    • concept and design was a joint collaboration with client
    • front-end code (HTML, CSS & some Javascript/jQuery)
    • modified Wordpress backend (PHP)
  • Eternal Spring Organics
    project info:
    • simple 1 page design focusing on images of their product
    • front-end code (HTML & CSS) and back-end (PHP)
    • flash slideshow
  • Anime-Planet
    project info:
    • site design supporting multiple themes (right end of site menu)
    • front-end code (HTML, CSS & some Javascript), working with another developer who was responsible for back-end
    • user experience/interface & feature design
  • Greyhound Contracting
    project info:
    • work in progress
  • Kace Audio
    project info:
    • design including logo and graphics
    • front-end code (HTML & CSS) and back-end (PHP)